Covid Mediation

There are few things in this world that we can say are really certain. Let’s review: 1) The Rangers are a really, really bad baseball team. Whenever you have a position player, here second base, who could not make the roster of another team in MLB, and you just keep running him out there year after year after year, you have a problem. 2) The Cowboys will never win another Super Bowl until Jerry Jones has passed from this earth. And finally 3) The college football season, only a few days away, will not last more than three weeks.

On a more professional note, mediating in the time of covid continues to surprise. It’s working. There are things that you, as an advocate, can do to take advantage of the Zoom technology. Learn to use the share screen and chat features. A negotiation strategy that is focused is more essential than before. And the use of the joint session may now be more reliable now – something about the reduced tension from not all being in the same room. I am not of the view that virtual mediations will ever be as effective as in-person mediations, but it can work.