Binding arbitration has been used for decades in construction and insurance related disputes, and is increasingly being used in consumer, employment and contract disputes of all kinds. Arbitration can be entered into in two ways. The parties may be contractually obligated to arbitrate, as a consequence of having included a binding arbitration clause in a contract. Or, after a dispute arises, the parties can agree to arbitrate it. Either way, it is important to have an experienced arbitrator whose judgment is respected.

Experience Matters

Will has arbitrated, either as a single arbitrator or as a panelist, dozens of insurance, employment, consumer, contract, and construction matters.

Drafting Arbitration Clauses

Will is available to assist you, your client and opposing counsel in structuring an arbitration process tailored to a particular dispute. The parties are free to make virtually any agreement imaginable with respect to the schedule and rules which will govern the process.

Commonly Used Arbitration Forms:

PDF Form Agreement to Arbitrate

PDF Form Agreement to Submit to Binding Arbitration

PDF Form Final Arbitration Award

PDF Form Arbitration Scheduling Order