All The News Doesn’t Fit

For decades the slogan of the New York Times has been, “All The News That’s Fit to Print”. Two days ago in my hometown paper, there were headlines that just didn’t seem to fit.

Horrible News. “Scandal to End Paterno Career”. How unbelievably sad. What a horrible, horrible story. Every aspect of it.

Good news or bad news, depending on one’s perspective. “Ohio Repeals Limits on Union Bargaining: Public workers score big win against GOP; Mississippi defeats abortion ban”. Just when you thought right wing extremists in this country pretty much had a lock on everything, in Mississippi voters rejected an anti-abortion ballot initiative. In Mississippi. And Ohio voters overturned a new law that had weakened pubic employee unions. Amazing.

And FABULOUS NEWS. “Earth Safe After Big Asteroid Hurtles By”. We just missed getting hit by an asteroid THE SIZE OF AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER! Did everybody know about this threat but me? Whew!

So if you are gloomy about the economy, or the Penn State scandal, or the Republican presidential debates, just remember: the asteroid missed us!

No, Today is the Day

When I said the other day that “today is the day”, what I meant, obviously, was not that day, but this day. Because today is the day I welcome you to my new website, my social network sites, my new mediation fee option, and my never-wavering interest in being of assistance to you and your clients should the need for the services of a professional neutral arise.

Thank you for your interest, and should you ever have any questions about mediation, arbitration, or the world of hybrid dispute resolution options, I will look forward to hearing from you.